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What Are the Different Kinds of Equipment a Mold Control Services Provider Uses?

Mold control services will use vacuums and negative air machines that are fitted with high-efficiency particulate air filters, or HEPA for short, in addition to mold inhibitors and barrier methods that will control mold in buildings. Other equipment can range from PPE or personal protective equipment like gloves, trash bags, respirators and other protective clothing. Professional mold equipment is much more than the equipment a DIY operation will use.

Another common piece of equipment is the HEPA vacuum, this is similar to a regular vacuum, however, it comes with HEPA filters. These filters are there to trap minute particles and prevent them from spreading. Almost every vacuum blows air out the back when they are being used, so these filters prevent these particulates from escaping the vacuum in such a manner. A canister vacuum reduces or even eliminates this air stream.

Negative air machines create a negative air pressure which is important in a room which is getting treated with mold removal equipment. A negative air machine works in 2 ways, the first is to pull air into a room so the mold spores are unable to escape, very similar to a fan but in reverse. The second is it will use HEPA filters that will trap spores so any air exhausted in the building will not be able to contain them. Which means mold is kept in the area being remediated.

Environmentally safe mold inhibitors are used to treat surfaces to stop mold from growing back. Even though bleach does kill mold, it is not recommended due to the fact it can burn skin and is not safe to use around pets and children. In small areas it is effective, however, is not a long term solution.

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