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Get the Best Residential Mold Remediation Here!

Are there a lot of molds in your home? It’s time for you to have them controlled and remediated! If you’re looking for a contractor that handles residential mold remediation with high-quality, then you may contact Peek Mold Control today. We are a trusted contractor in Lawrenceville, Ga that handles professional mold remediation services and others.

Here’s why you can trust us for the service

We use high-quality products

One of the reasons you should trust us for the service is that whenever we do mold remediation, we only use the latest tools and equipment for the service. From the air scrubbers down to the vacuums, we invest in buying these advanced tools so that the work efficiency will increase. In terms of the mold-removing products, we also make sure that we use those that are high quality and one that is popular in the market.

We are trained

All of our mold removers are also trained when it comes to this service. We make sure that they know the right way on how to handle the tools and equipment, they know what techniques or procedures to do to remove mold completely without a trace, and they are well-rounded when it comes to removing and treating the house due to mold infection. That way, you can ask them whatever you want related to the mold problem you have at home.

We are keen on our service

One thing that we can assure you when you come to us for the service is that we’re very keen on our service. Whenever we do the residential mold remediation, we see to it that everything is done in order. From the preparation until the final touches during our service, we see to it that it will be done accordingly to how it should be remediated. That way, our clients can get the benefit of what they’re paying for.

If you need mold remediation and other mold control services, do contact Peek Mold Control at (770) 336-6076. You may also visit us here in Lawrenceville, Ga so we can discuss more on our service.

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