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What to Look for in a Professional Mold Remediator

When it comes to a mold remediator, experience will always trump price. Let the new remediators learn their trade at someone else’s expense. Never be scared to ask a potential contractor exactly how much experience they have after all this is your home you are talking about.

Although experience is extremely important, having the right training is also invaluable. Make sure the remediator is certified in their field.

Almost every state will not issue a license for these types of remediation services. A quick call to your local government will verify a contractors legitimacy, and if they have a current business license.

A sad fact is that there are some contractors who are still working without insurance. However, don’t be fooled, using an uninsured contractor will put you at risk! Never hesitate to ask to see their insurance certificate. A remediation contractor must have insurance coverage which will include workers compensation, general liability, and pollution liability.

An experienced mold remediator that looks after their customers and only offers quality work, must be able to provide current references or statements of recommendation from past customers.

Methods of Remediation
You don’t have to be an expert in this industry to be able to ask any potential contractor what methods they use. Be very wary of so-called quick fixes, even though sprays or coatings can play a big role in remediation projects, removing the mold should always be the main role of remediation.

Trade Organizations
A contractor that is serious in their work will be involved with trade organizations in order to keep abreast of any advancements in their trade, in addition to continuing their education.

Better Business Bureau
Find out if the contractor is an accredited business? What is their rating? Are there any complaints made against them, and if so how were they resolved? All of these questions can be answered easily by contacting your nearest Better Business Bureau. To learn more about our services, please contact Peek Mold Control in Lawrenceville, Ga now at (770) 336-6076.

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